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April 10, 2010
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In my fanverse, Terri's the one of the twins who does exercise regulary (since in some episode, both of the twins were playing football along with Bart and a few others, I imagine at least one of them to be into exercise), yet somehow I doubt it is of much use if you gulp down your instructor while doing it. :giggle:

Kind of inspired by a piece my partner *SuperKoopaTroopa did a while back, too. Strangely enough, of all the Simpsons characters out there, I think the twins are moast prone to being preds than anyone else (I have no clue why this is so, though).

The Simpsons: Matt Groening
Artwork: :iconjamcub:
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Really like this one. Wonderful job. =)
Wow, the posing and expressions are just PERFECT! Love it!:love:

Although looking back at :thumb153790674: it seems that's actually Sherri.:P Still a good point about the instructor.:D I thik the next one should demand a pay rise, make up for the extra risks.=P

"I think the twins are moast prone to being preds than anyone else (I have no clue why this is so, though)." I'd say that's because of all the stuff I do.:iconteheplz: Still, it's awesome to see more of this from ya.
Thank you a lot, been a while since I did an TS stuff, so I am kinda happy with how it came out. :D

Well, I didn't have it for reference (and by the by, I went from my fanverse her, too... I think I need ta note ya on that someday, too).

Would be wise. Unless they get spat up again at some point. ;)

That's true... actually, with any of the otehr characters, I prefer manimal/human when it comes to vore. ;)
Well I hope you don't stop then.:D

I know, you could just say they switched hairstyles.:)

Also, she helps diversify the team, her snacking means that someone new is put into play every week.:lol:

I prefer Human/Human, but if you want to do manimals, I got an idea for ya.;)
I don't think so. :D

Maybe I say that. :D They wanted to switch indentities. ;)

That's true actualy. Gets some fresh meat into the team =p

Really? Tell me.
Yeah, brings me to another possible idea with Bart wanting to surprise kiss Terri, but accidentally doing it to Sherri.:lol:

Fresh meat indeed... she must be the bst player on the team to get away with it.

Well I had this idea for TIODH in which Frink's clone son and Martin try to get back at Hibbert for Frink's death and being turned into a Turkey... they do this by capturing the manimals by various methods and turning them back into humans.

Anyway, with Terri they get the idea of Martin luring her directly into a cage then locking it. Except they overlook one detail. How's Martin gonna get out? And Terri wasn't happy with being tricked either!:lol:
:lol. The classical idea, sort of...

Well, as I said, she is verysporty. And no one said she was ever caught in teh act...

Ah, I see... I think you mentioned it before somewhere, I might just have to note that somewhere though so I do not forget it again. ;) The idea's cool though. :D
Skinner: Well yes she does keep eating the other tennis club members but darn it, she's the only one who knows how to play!

Yeah, you note it.:D
FrinkJr: Uh, if anyone asks, it's a heroic sacrafice, Nnnghey!
Terricondataur: :sleep:
For some reason the thumbnails aren't working. I meant your "Disaster's in the air" pic.
JimCarreyDude19 Apr 10, 2010
Sherri's right, what is the point of exercising if you're just gonna swallow the instructor? :XD:
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